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Welcome to the Creative Journal

Welcome to the creative journal … it gives me so much pleasure sharing my knowledge through teaching. When I am not teaching, I handcraft keepsake and custom art. Besides those, I am also creating functional art, home accents, and décor to enjoy for generations to come.

There will be how-to journal entries for both metal embossing projects and mixed media projects. Look out for tips on tools of the trade and more on the teaching side. What I love most about metal embossing projects is they can be combined with mixed media or can be stand-alone art pieces. For the most part, the metal is hand-embossed, which make the metal embossing projects unique to each artist. 

Created for you journal entries will be on how to care for items, display ideas, gift ideas, and more. Enjoy staying creative and always remember …

 The world of reality has its limits; but the world of imagination is boundless  ~Jean Jacques Rousseau ~

Journal Entries