Helping you on your metal embossing journey makes us happy.


I am so glad to have you here, whether you are looking for metal embossing supplies or want to learn more about pewter art, metal embossing, Paverpol, or mixed media.

As a metal embossing artist who branched out to include Paverpol and mixed media, I know the joy we get from creating, and I look forward to being a small part of your creative journey. Thank you for stopping by.

Esme Gloster ~ Esmeric Art CEO

A Little About Me

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved creating. Even at a young age, I started showing everyone interested in or wanting to learn how to make art. I will always treasure the smiles I got when family and friends opened their gifts or greeting cards I made.

My Journey from Potter to Metal Embossing Artist

Life took me on a journey from South Africa, where I was teaching pottery at a local college, to Canada, where I could not pursue my love for pottery. Fortunately, I was introduced to pewter art or metal embossing and, more recently, to Paverpol and was hooked. I am a certified metal embossing instructor (MercArt) and a certified Paverpol instructor (Paverpol Canada).
Another journey brought me to this point where I can now pursue my passion for creating and teaching full-time.

The Story Behind the Name

Esmeric is a combination of my name, Esme, and my husband’s name Eric. Playing around with various combinations of our names, Esmeric Art came out tops.

A Little About Us

Married with three daughters and four grandkids and hoping for a couple more, we’ve always been a close-knit family. We love traveling and spending time together.
Eric brings my visions to life with his woodworking. It is not always smooth sailing, as he listens and reads my sketches from an engineer’s point of view, and I design and sketch from an artist’s point of view. Usually, after negotiation, we agree, and the prototype goes into production. Always willing to drill holes, quickly saw something at number 99 or the last minute; Eric’s “behind the scene” work plays a big part in Esmeric Art.

Teaching Metal Embossing, Paverpol, and Mixed Media Workshops

As much as I love creating, I realized teaching makes me happy. Learn more about my metal embossing, Paverpol, and mixed media workshops here.

Metal Embossing Tools, Supplies, and Online Store

Metal embossing supplies not readily available opened the door to providing metal embossing tools, pewter sheets, and other miscellaneous items needed for the art. Please browse through our online store.


“the world of reality has its limits;

the world of imagination is boundless.”

~ Jean Jacques Rousseau ~