We are so happy you are here, whether it is for metal embossing supplies or a “created for you” item.

We are glad we can help you on your creative journey and thank you for trusting us to create that special item for you.

Esme Gloster ~ Esmeric Art CEO

A Little About Esme

Ever since I can remember I have always loved creating. Something I will treasure forever is the smiles I got when family and friends opened their gifts or greeting cards I’ve created.

My journey
Life took me on a journey from South Africa, where I was teaching pottery at a local college, to Canada where I was not able to pursue my love for pottery.

Fortunately for me, I was introduced to Pewter Art, which was a perfect fit for my mixed media art. I have studied with two of the best instructors to become a certified Pewter/Metal Embossing instructor.
Another journey brought me to this point where I am now able to pursue my passion for both creating and teaching full time.

Creating and teaching
I love creating custom pewter art pieces as well as mixed media artwork. Where possible, I always try to incorporate pewter or metal embossing as another layer on my mixed media artwork.
Elevating everyday items into something extraordinary by adding pewter, or repurposing something we have in our closets into functional art, makes me incredibly happy.
I love sharing my knowledge through teaching, not only in my studio but also in other venues throughout Canada as well as Team Building Workshops.

Full circle
It is almost full circle for me ……. seeing the smiles when someone receives the art pieces I have created or repurposed for them.  The happiness at the end of a workshop, seeing everyone so proud of what they have created.

A Little About ESMERIC ART 

Our name
Esmeric is a combination of my name Esme and my husband’s name Eric. Continuously working on developing new product collections and new workshops for teaching, Eric is bringing my vision to life with his woodworking.

You are the reason

Love creating yourself …
Experiencing that moment when someone realizes, I can do this, is paramount. So many come into the studio, saying they will never get it right, then leaving at the end of a workshop with WOW, I did it. Many of ESMERIC ART workshop participants have gone on to become pewter and mixed media artist.
We offer workshops, including Social Groups and Team Building, at our studio as well as other venues. Workshops are not only in pewter/metal embossing but also in a variety of other mediums.

Created for you …

The thank-you we received from you, is what is keeping us going. Sharing how a friend or family is enjoying one of our pieces, is what makes ESMERIC ART happy.
To thank you for your support, we love to hear your input when working on a new collection …we are creating for you, not us. We appreciate your help in completing our surveys.