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Pewter Art Embossing is also known as Metal Embossing (North Americas), Repujado en Lamina (Spanish), or Repoussé (French)

Modern-day pewter art explores the decorative molding of not only pewter, but also colored aluminum foil, copper, and more recently thick metal tape.

Pewter is a malleable metal alloy consisting mainly of tin, to which copper and antimony are added to strengthen and harden it. All metals used in the Esmeric Art Studio are lead-free.

3-Dimensional designs are created using the high relief technique. Volume is added by working from the back of the pewter or metal and molding or stretching the metal with handheld tools. The volume can also be created by working mostly on the front of the metal, using a different tecnique.


Creating designs, first working on the back of the metal, on a soft surface, then on a hard surface, working on the front of the metal to flatten and refine on both sides of the raised line, is known as embossing.

Detail can be added to any design and especially to backgrounds by using engraving or mark-making. These are usually done on the front of the metal, on a hard surface.